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I Believe You Deserve A Defense Attorney Who Cares

My name is Ajmeri Hoque. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio. For years, I worked with the prosecutor’s office, handling hundreds of cases. Today, I use that knowledge and insight to protect my clients’ rights.

I pride myself in protecting my clients’ rights by creating highly responsive, personalized legal strategies that embrace every defense available within the criminal justice system. My priority is always to guide my clients to a solution that preserves their rights and to help them find a way to continue their lives in a positive direction.

Find out more about my work and successful case history:

Straightforward Analysis–Creative Solutions

I do not believe that anyone benefits from sugar-coating your situation; instead, I will be frank when evaluating your case. After working with prosecutors and in defense work, I can give you an accurate understanding of the laws involved in your case, the tactics prosecutors will employ and the options you have for your defense.

Vigilance begins with your initial arrest and stopping investigative overreach, but it also means knowing what alternatives exist. In addition to my history for strong in-court representation, I know when to pursue legal programs like diversions and pretrial programs may help you retain your freedoms.

You Matter. You Deserve A Chance. You Are Important.

Answering the wrong question or failing to assert your rights can open the door for prosecutors and mean that you spend the rest of your life with a criminal conviction on your record. A poor decision or misunderstanding can damage your life and your future. Call 646-949-8189 and tell me your story or use my online contact form.