When police come asking questions,
Call The Law Offices of Ajmeri Hoque

My name is Ajmeri Hoque. I am an immigrant, a woman of color, a former prosecutor and a relentless criminal defense attorney. Ohio’s legal community knows me for my skill in the courtroom and deep knowledge of the law. My clients know me for my zealous advocacy and support.

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A Skilled Trial Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus

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Mistakes Happen. What Matters Is What You Do Next.

No matter what you have done or what people believe you have done, the first thing you should do when the police begin an investigation is to call for your attorney. Then, hold on and do not say anything.

In the wake of an arrest or investigation, people forget that their rights are at stake; a misspoken sentence or answering a seemingly innocent question can be all it takes for the prosecutor to get the advantage. I know – I was one.

Before you call your parents, your partner or your best friend, call me at 646-949-8189.

Ohio Criminal Defense Advocacy

I believe that the best criminal defense strategies are built for the individual, informed by experience and adaptable as circumstances change.

I sit down and listen to your side of the story and take a comprehensive approach to your case. My goal is to protect your interests and minimize the effects of the charges.

The result is a long-standing reputation for success, including being named as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys Under 40 in Ohio by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Why Work With The Law Offices of Ajmeri Hoque

I understand what it is like to face seemingly difficult challenges. As a woman, an immigrant and a person of color, I am no stranger to hard work or the idea that the system can work against you.

I pride myself on seeing the humanity of every client who walks through my door, and I strive to show who you are as a person to the courts.

When I look at your case, I recognize how difficult it can be to make sense of your charges or develop a viable defense. I bring the eye of a former prosecutor to the charges and evidence, and I draw on my experience to anticipate the prosecutor’s next moves.

I combine these insights and my extensive legal experience to build a strong defense that protects your interests and liberties.