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Innocent Until Proven Guilty – Always

I cannot stress this enough: you are innocent unless and until the prosecution can prove you are guilty. The prosecution must respect your legal rights as they try to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I make sure the courts get a full and complete understanding of what happened leading up to your allegations, and I will fight fiercely to ensure you have the best possible case moving forward.

I am defense attorney Ajmeri Hoque. I am an aggressive and experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney. The National Academy of Criminal Defense even named me as a Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorney Under 40 in Ohio. Speak to me about your rights and position in the law.

Building A Strong Defense

As I review your case and build your defense strategy, I begin by examining the allegations, witness statements and physical evidence. I take a fine-tooth comb to the law, examining both the legal elements, the supporting evidence and the strength of all the elements in your case.

I then build a defense strategy that questions the credibility of every piece of evidence. If essential elements of the prosecution’s case are found incredible or are not viable, the charges could be reduced or dismissed.

I offer comprehensive and trial-tested advocacy for individuals accused of:

If your case goes to trial, you can feel confident that you have a lawyer on your side who knows what to expect and how to anticipate the prosecution’s next steps.

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The sooner you contact me, the more opportunity I have to protect you from overzealous policing, inappropriate searches and treacherous interrogations. Send me an email or call me directly at 646-949-8189.